Thursday, August 30, 2012

Back To Basics

With an eye toward encouraging more dialogue at The Provident Table (after all, dinner without conversation is a bit dull no matter how interesting the food) I am drawing back the reins a bit and returning to the thrust of this blog, which is menu planning. While I will continue to post some of my own recipes from time to time I will focus more of my energy on teaching interested parties how to plan their menus, adapt recipes to unique dietary restrictions, and explore the vast reaches of culinaria. In doing so I will branch out and include links to some recommended recipes from blogs and cooking websites the Internet over to supplement (and perhaps even supplant--I am no ultimate authority on food after all. I've never been to Le Cordon Bleu nor do I hail from some exotic clime.) my own offerings.

So where does the dialogue come in? This is my plan and I am hoping for success: I will announce my menu plan at the beginning of the week. On subsequent days I will include recipes of my own or links to outside sites. I invite you to weigh in with your favorites in recipe or link form. My posts will also continue to include Vegan Notes and Gluten Notes for adaptation of the highlighted recipes. I hope that many will join the dialogue and that we will all enrich one another's experience with these delectable comestibles (delightful word--I learned it from Rudyard Kippling's "How the Whale Got His Throat" this weekend--if you are as unfamiliar with it as was I you will be happy to know that it means an item of food).

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